Belajar Bahasa Inggris di Twitter: English Idioms 4

7 Mar

Hi guys,

Here is another excerpt from our #IOTW (Idioms of the week) on March 4, 2011. Let’s get it started!

Test test. So who’s ready for Thursday’s English idiom night? | Tes tes. Jd siapa yg siap utk malam idiom Bahasa Inggris? :D #IOTW

“race against the clock”. Arti: bekerja mengejar waktu. “We are racing against the clock. The deadline is only two hours from now.” #IOTW

“add up”. Arti: masuk akal. “His explanation seemed to add up. I guess he was telling us the truth.” #IOTW

“go Dutch”. Arti: bayar sendiri-sendiri. “John invited us to have dinner at that restaurant for his birthday. I suggest we go Dutch.” #IOTW

“go the extra mile”. Arti: berbuat lebih dr yg diharapkan. “No wonder he got promoted. He’d go the extra mile for this company.” #IOTW

“fly high”. Arti: gembira sekali. “I feel like I’m flying high. He just proposed!” #IOTW

“Johnny-come-lately”. Arti: pendatang baru; orang baru. “That Johnny-come-lately seems to attract everyone’s attention.” #IOTW

“labor of love”. Arti: pekerjaan yg disenangi sehingga tidak perlu dibayar. “For Mother Teresa, helping others is a labor of love.” #IOTW

“let grass grow under one’s feet”. Arti: malas. “Don’t let grass grow under your feet.” #IOTW

Did you know? Many English songs use idioms as their lyrics. To name one: “put my money where my mouth is” (Taking Back Sunday). #IOTW

“put my money where my mouth is”. Arti: melakukan sst drpd hanya membicarakannya. “When I say I put my money where my mouth is, I do.” #IOTW

OK twitter friends, do share your favorite English idioms please. Anyway can you find some idioms in your favorite songs too? :D #IOTW

Hi Annisa. Please mind capital letters.. “@nendec: my favorite idiom is ‘I don’t give a shit’ which means ‘I don’t care’.” #IOTW

Hey ho twitter friends, where are yooouuu? Or is it because the mentions come late? Hmmm.. #IOTW

“sacred cow”. Arti: orang yg tidak pernah dikritik. “The president has lately become a sacred cow.” #IOTW

RT @iamramaa: ‘crack a book’ arti: belajar. It’s final test tomorrow. I have to crack a book tonight. #IOTW

RT @iamramaa: ‘make waves’ arti: mengacau. Don’t try to make waves. I’m warning you. #IOTW

OK that’s a wrap for our English idiom night – #IOTW! We’ll meet again same day next week. Next we’ll try to answer questions that came in..

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See you in the next lesson! ;)

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