Belajar Bahasa Inggris di Twitter: English Idioms 5

22 Mar

Hi guys,
This excerpt is taken from our last #IOTW (Idioms of the week) on March 18, 2011. Here we go!“roll with punches”. Arti: menerima dgn tenang & tanpa putus asa (kegagalan/ penderitaan). “Don’t be sad. Let’s roll with punches!” #IOTW

“throw a punch at”. Arti: memukul. “He was so mad that he threw a punch at the man who bullied him.” #IOTW

“take a rain check”. Arti: setuju bertemu, pergi, dsb lain kali. “I don’t think I can meet you tomorrow. I’ll take a rain check.” #IOTW

“for what it’s worth”. Arti: oh ya, (mungkin kau belum tahu bahwa..). “For what it’s worth, I love you.” #IOTW

“give a hard time”. Arti: brengsek; merepotkan. “I am frustrated. The bureaucracy is really giving me a hard time!” #IOTW

“keep in mind”. Arti: mengingat. “Please keep in mind that learning a language is hard work.” #IOTW

“in vain”. Arti: sia-sia. “I waited for two hours in vain. She never came.” #IOTW

“out of hand”. Arti: tak terkendalikan. “The problem has become out of hand. No one can control it anymore.” #IOTW

“bite off more than one can chew”. Arti: mencoba melakukan sesuatu yg terlampau sulit. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” #IOTW

“before long”. Arti: tidak lama lagi; sebentar lagi. “You will have to graduate from university, work and make a living before long.” #IOTW

Alright twitter friends, that’s it! Now it’s your time to share your fave idioms or idioms you know. Don’t forget our hash tag: #IOTW

@nilantonila @EnglishTips4U Break a leg! Artinya semoga beruntung. Penggunaannya sama sperti Good Luck. #IOTW

@nilantonila: @EnglishTips4U Put (somebody) through hell. Artinya sangat menyulitkan. Example: She always puts me through hell! #IOTW

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See you in the next lesson!

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One Response to “Belajar Bahasa Inggris di Twitter: English Idioms 5”

  1. Link Journal June 21, 2011 at 12:48 #

    di twitter ternyata ada ini juga ya, wah info yang bagus. thanks for sharing

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